Our Process

Designed to fulfill the desires and lifestyle of its owner


Meeting on site

  • Discuss lifestyle needs and general parameters for home
  • Discuss conceptual budget


Site Evaluation / Design

  • Meeting with draftsman
  • Design size of home, number of stories, style, number of rooms, finishes, etc.
  • Budget expectations
  • Deliverable is a 1/8th scale sketch of first floor, second floor and front elevation
  • Two to three weeks for initial design
  • Review and refine sketches
  • Prepare preliminary estimates, one week to complete
  • Review preliminary design and estimate



  • Clients authorize the design of the entire home
  • Review and make necessary revisions
  • Review and update preliminary estimates
  • Review ¬†preliminary designs and estimates


Construction Drawing

  • Clients authorize full construction drawings
  • Deliverable is engineered construction drawings including first floor, second floor, all elevations, lighting and electrical plans, interior cross sections, foundation design and site plan.
  • 4 weeks for completion of drawings
  • Obtain engineering; two weeks to complete engineering
  • Review and make necessary revisions
  • Review and update estimates
  • Prepare preliminary specifications
  • Preview design and estimate.

From concept to creation, we make sure that your dream home becomes your reality.